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Our Services

The Institute of Leadership in Higher Education (ILHE) services include professional development training and workshops, faculty consultation, and course design and development. Our main aim is to help faculty stay up to date on best practices in teaching and learning. The services also include advising on designing courses using new teaching strategies to maximize their impact on students or provide feedback on teaching effectiveness.

In addition, we also provide teaching and learning resources for new staff and a platform for faculty to connect with colleagues. There is also funding to support faculty to explore new teaching and learning innovations.


1.     Training and Workshops

The ILHE provides training and workshops to help faculty prepare for their teaching roles at the University of Sharjah (UoS). In addition, we provide routine and needs-based courses designed to meet the needs of faculty members' roles and responsibilities.

Interested in learning about and trying new techniques of teaching and learning? Check out the Training and Workshops list.


2.     Faculty Consultation

Confidential individual teaching consultations are available to all UoS faculty members. The faculty consultations consist of series of meetings with our specialists to discuss teaching and learning areas that need to be improved.

Faculty members can email directly to our specialist to request for consultation. Our specialist will then set a meeting to discuss the interests and needs. We will then review the course and conducts classroom observations at the request of faculty who are interested in receiving feedback on their teaching effectiveness.

Our specialist can also help in other teaching and learning aspects including but not limited to course elements review, students' engagement strategies, diagnose educational problems, and suggest solving strategies.


3.     Course Design and Development

A component of our service is the design and development of online learning courses and materials that are both engaging and effective in their learning; this can be from straightforward web-based content to fully interactive e-learning resources. Whether it is scenario-based learning, simulation, game, or video-based learning, we will work with you to understand your requirements and propose the best solution for the learners. The course design and development process include:

  • Analyze current courses to ensure that learning outcomes, assessments, and teaching methods are aligned with the course objective.
  • Design and develop the courses to fit the hybrid and online learning environment.
  • Integrate new emerging technologies.
  • Evaluate the online course delivery performance.

4.     New Faculty Resources and Events

Every year ILHE organizes an event for new faculty joining UoS. This event is to recognize and celebrates all new faculty for the year. Starting a new faculty position is an exciting and challenging opportunity; because of that, ILHE wants to make sure you have the tools and support to hit the ground running and navigate your career here!


5.     Initiatives

ILHE takes pride in promoting, encouraging, and fostering innovation in teaching among UoS academic community; this achieved through several key initiatives, for example:

  • The Emirati Future Leadership Initiative is a customized six-month program for Emirati students to equip them with essential skills and knowledge to build a foundation to motivate, empower, and transform themselves and others by making a difference in the world. This is a new age and highly engaging development program intended to develop and sharpen vital professional characteristics and behaviors to increase leadership capacity today and tomorrow.

  • Learning Communities is an initiative used by ILHE to create a group of faculty, instructors, and staff in higher education that shares common academic goals and work collaboratively toward enhancing teaching and learning, building a learning community, and engaging in academic practice. Each learning community focuses on a question, a set of problems, or a passion about a topic, as members deepen their knowledge and expertise in the chosen area by interacting on an ongoing basis. In addition to the shared learning about the topic, all faculty members will work on a personal project that uses what they have learned to improve a specific course or program, and the group members collectively will share their knowledge and accomplishments with the broader university community.

  • Faculty Academic Advising Capacity-building initiative initiated by the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs through ILHE, aimed to ensure that academic advising in the university is strengthened. The objective is to work with faculty members to develop new strategies to enhance the advising process at the university.


6.     Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Research (SoTL)

In ensuring that learning and teaching in UoS are at the leading edge and relevant to contemporary higher education, ILHE provides support and funding in the related research area; this includes:  

•      Innovation and excellence in teaching.

•      Immersive learning simulation using VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). 

•      Combine AI (Artificial Intelligence), analytics, and automation to improve learning and teaching experience.

Faculty members interested in this research are invited to collaborate with us to develop, implement and assess new techniques and materials.


Consult with your Specialist!

Have questions? Talk to one of our team members. Click here to book a one-on-one consultation.

Ilish Asmin Bin Samin, M.C.T

Ext 7063

Area of Interest:

Educational Technology, VR/AR, eLearning, Gamification, M-learning.

Emad Kotb


Ext 7058

Area of Interest:

Course Design, Educational Games Design, Students' Motivation, Educational Research.

Marwa Kotb​


Ext 7043

Area of Interest:

Online Learning, Educational Technology.